Town Board Meetings
2nd Thurs - 7:00 PM
Ludington Town Hall
E19980 County Rd D
Fall Creek

Meeting dates are subject to change. Watch for agenda postings.

Mailing Address
S1590 State Road 27
Augusta, WI 54722

Town Shop
N956 Town Shop Rd
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Building & Driveway Permits

Building Permits

A building permit and inspections may be required for construction of a building or a new residence, when performing electrical work, construction of storm water and erosion control management systems, and new driveways. These permits are issued directly through the Town of Ludington, not through Eau Claire County.

The checklists and application below will help you in the permit process. You will complete the Building Permit Application when you meet with the Building Inspector. 

Building Permit Checklist - Homeowners
Building Permit Checklist - Contractors
Permit fees are listed on the Building Permit Application.
For building or electrical permits, contact our Inspector – Fred Hankel at 715-577-7983.
For storm water/ erosion control or driveway permits, contact Town Chairman Randy Horlacher at 715-563-2612.

You can also come to a Town Board meeting if you have questions – meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month at the Ludington Town Hall located at E19980 County Rd D, Fall Creek.

Erosion Control Plan - 1 & 2 Family Dwelling Sites
Erosion Control Plan - Small Sites

Driveway Permits

Permit for Driveway Access to Town Road

Driveway Notice

For driveways that will serve new residential construction, a tracking pad is required to be installed per the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code.  The purpose of the tracking pad is to limit the amount of soil that construction vehicles track on to a public road.  The tracking pad shall be installed prior to any traffic leaving the site and shall remain until all Building Inspectors authorize final occupancy.

At a minimum, the tracking pad shall be the full width of the egress point, by 50-feet long and the aggregate layer be placed at least 6-inches thick (the aggregate layer can consist of 1-2” limestone or river rock or 1½ inch gravel.)  Clean up of any sand, mud stone, etc. that is tracked onto the public roadway is required at the end of each workday.  The driveway-tracking pad shall be installed in conjunction with Town of Ludington requirements for driveway construction and installation.  Final driveway construction and installation shall also meet all Town requirements.

NOTE:  If the total land disturbance for the proposed driveway exceeds 4,000 square feet (20 ft. wide x 200 ft. long), the landowner will need to apply for a small site storm water and erosion control permit at the Eau Claire County Land Conservation Division.  Turn around areas at the garage do count toward the 4,000 square feet limit.  This requirement is regulated under Ch. 17.05 of the Eau Claire County Code.

If you have any questions regarding how to properly install a driveway tracking pad or whether your project needs a small site storm water and erosion control permit, please contact the Ludington Town Chairman Randy Horlacher at 715-563-2612.